Hillary Clinton’s Choices: Hard or Harmful?

Why would Hillary Clinton stop at a Denver-based plastics company the same day the EPA announced regulations that will hammer domestic manufacturing?  That’s the question I ask in my Daily Caller column this week:

While there, Clinton toured the plastics molding factory for an hour, spent another hour in a conference room, and emitted a climate change inducing chemical compound, carbon dioxide, as she discussed the need to recruit young people to jobs in scientific and technological industries, a task that would be far easier if her ideological ilk were not so eager to foist math standards via Common Core on students that set them two grade levels behind their international peers.

Clinton took no questions from reporters at Intertech Plastics, but the timing of her visit still spoke volumes — and not just with regard to her probable presidential campaign or her forthcoming memoir Hard Choices.

If Clinton and her ideological allies at the EPA are truly interested in supporting middle-class, blue collar Americans and working toward the goal of more young people entering scientific and technological industries, perhaps they should consider not imposing additional EPA regulations that will crush manufacturers.

You can read the whole thing here.

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