EPA Receives 300,000 Comments Regarding 2014 RFS Rules

The Hill reports the Environmental Agency (EPA) has delayed its Renewable Fuel Standard compliance deadline for a second time and noted that its 2014 rulemaking “has been more time consuming than originally anticipated, involving over 300,000 comments”:

Petroleum companies will get a breather from latest round of renewable fuel standard, as the Environmental Protection Agnecy (EPA) is once again delaying the deadline for compliance with the 2013 standards.

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is a program started under the Bush administration that requires that increasing amounts of renewable fuels that emit lower levels of greenhouse gases be mixed with gas and diesel fuels, eventually reaching 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel by 2022.

But the EPA said Friday it is delaying last year’s compliance deadline for a second time. The original deadline for was set for Feb. 28 for petroleum companies to show their gas and diesel fuels met the previous year’s standards. But the agency pushed it back to June 30.

Why?  The EPA writes:

The 2014 RFS rulemaking has been more time consuming than originally anticipated, involving receipt of over 300,000 comments, concerning numerous specific issues related to the 2014 standards which the EPA needs, and wishes, to thoroughly consider and respond to. Given the need for the EPA to weigh these issues carefully, prior to taking final action on the 2014 RFS standards, the EPA believes it best to further extend the existing June 30, 2014 compliance demonstration deadline and associated attest engagement report deadline for the 2013 RFS standards.

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