Conservatives are Winning!

In 2012, 61-percent of House Republicans voted to reauthorize and expand the Export-Import Bank.  Just two years later, party leaders feel compelled to call for its elimination.


Chris Wallace: So straightforward question, you can say it right here. You would allow the Ex-Im Bank to expire in September?

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 52%: Yes, because it’s something that the private sector can be able to do.

After this weekend, even the national press cannot help but acknowledge the Export-Import Bank is likely to expire.

Next House Leader Says He Would Let Trade Bank Expire (New York Times)

Ex-Im Bank Hits Hurdle in New GOP Leadership(Wall Street Journal)

U.S. House Republican leader opposes Export-Import Bank renewal (Reuters)

McCarthy Says He Favors Letting U.S. Export-Import Bank Expire  (Bloomberg)

This is what winning looks like.

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This is what winning looks like! #EndExim

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