Best of the Forge: America’s Crony Capital

CRONYISM.  Conservatives must stop using lazy rhetoric and instead engage in the real policy fight to eliminate cronyism.  That’s the message of a piece Heritage Action’s Mike Needham co-authored with Sen. Jim DeMint in the Weekly Standard Magazine.

KEY VOTE. Heritage Action supports the HERO Act (S. 1904 / H.R. 4612) and will include CO-SPONSORSHIP of the legislation on our legislative scorecard.

LANDRIEU.  She has a Heritage Action scorecard score of 2 percent — something that should make conservatives cringe.  Her score demonstrates that with almost every vote she takes, she diminishes our freedom and prosperity and grows big government.  In light of the votes she’s taken in the Senate, it’s almost humorous that on one very important issue, she’s trying desperately to distance herself from President Obama and the left: coal.

SURGE.  The massive surge of unaccompanied illegal minors crossing the southern border has been a major headline this week, with conservative lawmakers blaming President Obama’s policies for the trend and Obama calling it an “urgent humanitarian crisis.”  Children as young as 5 years old from Mexico and Central America are crossing dangerous terrain and ending up in U.S. holding facilities.

EXIM BANK.  Despite torrents of opposition to the Ex-Im slush fund for corporate welfare, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is sticking to its guns. Last week, it released a series of “facts” to promote reauthorization of its charter this fall. These are the Real Fact about the Export-Import Bank.

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Key Vote: more choice in higher education via the #HEROact.

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What in the world is Mary Landrieu doing?

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