This Week in Congress: May 12 — 16

The House is out of session this week.  

Senate Analysis: This week the Senate will continue work on the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act (S. 2282). Debate on the bill, which opposed by Heritage Action and numerous conservative groups, has been less about substance than Senate procedure; specifically whether Senators will be allowed to offer amendments.  The debate over amendments is likely to spill over into the debate over so-called tax extenders, which are expected on the Senate floor later in the week.  That debate could highlight a growing rift between President Obama and some Senate Democrats how to approach expiring tax provisions.

Major Floor Action

Major Committee Action

  • College Athletes and Academics will be the subject of a hearing in the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee
  • Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act will be marked up in the Environment and Public Works Committee
  • Boko Haram will be the subject of a hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on African Affairs
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Yes, the Senate is really holding a hearing on College Athletes and Academics.

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This Week in Washington: House is out, and the Senate continues to dither.

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Will Senators be allowed to offer amendments this week?

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