Obama Pushes for Amnesty, Boehner Won’t Rule Out ENLIST Act

Between President Obama’s threats of bypassing Congress and House Speaker John Boehner opening the possibility of passing bad laws in the House, Americans who oppose amnesty have their work cut out for them.

Boehner said Tuesday that he would not rule out the ENLIST Act — a bill that would exchange amnesty for military service — coming to the floor for a vote as a stand-alone bill.  Heritage Action explained previously that the ENLIST Act should not be passed either as a stand alone bill or as an amendment to the NDAA, a defense policy bill.  

Roll Call now reports:

When asked whether a broader immigration rewrite, which leadership has long sought, would come up this year, Boehner noted again that House Republicans are awaiting some show of good faith from President Barack Obama to instill trust that he will enforce whatever laws they pass, though the speaker declined to say exactly what he wants to see from the president.

If Boehner is waiting for President Obama to respect the rule of law and enforce current law, he shouldn’t hold his breath.

A top U.S. Department of Defense official said Monday the administration may allow military enlistment by thousands of immigrants living in the country illegally.

Conservatives went a long way in stopping an effort to attach the ENLIST Act to the NDAA this week.  But there are no permanent victories in Washington.

Rep. Jeffrey Denham (R-CA) 34% who sponsored the measure is reportedly still pushing for its passage.   Boehner isn’t ruling that out as a possibility, and President Obama is threatening to use military service as a means of obtaining amnesty regardless of what Congress does.

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