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While NWHM claims a nonpartisan agenda, there is no mechanism in place to ensure that the museum is not used as a platform to promote liberal propaganda (even if that museum is still in its infancy). The women typically celebrated by federally monitored or federally commissioned institutions are of the “progressive era” or the “sexual liberation movement” (consider particularly the characters and events promulgated by Smithsonian institutions or nationalized educational programs). These figures glorify the elements of women’s history that have furthered disrespect for human life, destruction of the family unit and general harm to the wellbeing of women.  

Heritage Expert: Export-Import Bank ‘Beset by Mismanagement, Dysfunction, and Risk’

The Export-Import Bank should no longer exist on a fundamental level because, rather than leveling the playing field as it claims, it picks winners and losers.  And that’s not the government’s job.

The Heritage Foundation’s Diane Katz, a research fellow in regulatory policy, expounds upon the Bank’s many flaws in her most recent issue brief, which is full of unsettling revelations about the Bank’s mismanagement of taxpayer money.  All of this has been documented for years  by Ex–Im’s own inspector general and the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  

Planned Parenthood: Do Taxpayers Have a Choice?

It’s appropriations season in Congress which means we’ll soon be discussing whether taxpayers should be funding Planned Parenthood.  In what may be a side story to that debate, news broke Monday that defenders of the organization are trying (in same cases successfully) to influence search engine results to obscure pro-life alternatives to Planned Parenthood.

Mike Lee: Want to End Cronyism? #EndExIm

Today, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) 100% spoke at the Heritage Foundation about America’s crises of economic immobility and insecurity, and he offered some specific prescriptions on how to change this, not the least among them ending the Export-Import Bank.

At the heart of the change, he suggested, needs to be ending cronyism and corporatism, by which “elite special interests” get bailed out and subsidized while the rest of America has to play by the rules.

Politics Not Profits

Advocates of the shameless corporate welfare machine, the Export Import Bank, have swung on the defensive these past two weeks. With a swarm of lawmakers and pundits calling for its expiration, some have begun to cling to the rebuttal that Ex-Im returns billions of dollars to the Treasury in annual profit. This claim is half the story at best, largely beside the point and craftily misleading.


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