A Bold Conservative Governing Agenda

Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham joined Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner for Klein’s Dialogue series to talk about the Republican party and the need for a “bold conservative governing agenda.”  Klein and Needham discussed issues like health care, the Export-Import Bank, and taxes, and Needham shared what the Republican Party needs to do to best serve the American people:

We think that for a Republican Party to succeed, it needs to embrace a bold conservative governing agenda that shows how our ideas, out philosophy, can make life better for all Americans.  In order to do that, you need to be willing to push back on kind of a corrupting culture in Washington, D.C. that says ‘look, don’t reform the tax code because there could be winners and losers,’ and there’s 33 thousand lobbyists in this town who don’t want to be one of those losers. Don’t look at ways to empower local governments with transportation spending or with education, because we want control here in Washington, D.C.  And so kind of a combination of a willingness to push back on the status quo in Washington, D.C., a broken status quo in Washington, D.C., coupled with advancing conservative solutions that the Heritage Foundation has been putting out there for 30 years.

He continued:

There’s a myth out there that Washington, D.C. is broken.  Washington, D.C. is not broken; it’s an extraordinarily finely tuned machine to take powers away from the people and give them to special interests that lobby Washington, D.C. effectively.

Watch the whole interview here

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