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Help Stop IRS Attacks on Political Expression, First Amendment

Americans have reason to be outraged and alarmed that the Internal Revenue Service has targeted conservative organizations in an effort to prevent their political expression and stifle their First Amendment rights. New IRS rules proposed in November of 2013 may lead to even more chilling and censoring of political speech.

Sanders’ Veteran Bill Asphyxiates the VA System

Most Americans would agree that those who have sacrificed in service of this nation deserve the care and gratitude of their government. The importance of quality veteran care is undeniable, but members of Congress must be careful not to simply support any measure with the word “veteran” in the title.

Amtrak: Constantly Running Deficits but Considering Giving Free Rides to Writers

So fun, so free! Amtrak is currently considering offering a writers’ residency program for writers seeking inspiration-inducing-solitude by traveling through the countryside on an Amtrak train. Providing a “unique environment for creative thought,” the program will be free to boot. Exciting, right? The folks at the Huffington Post think so:

GOP Accepts Slanderous Attacks on Arizona’s Religious Freedom Bill

Republicans need to stand up for themselves against the Left’s vicious attacks. That’s the point I make today in a piece for Breitbart on Arizona’s religious freedom bill:

5 Things to Remember about the Internet Sales Tax

Remember when we told you 10 awful things about the Internet Sales Tax? It’s a good time to think about the issue again.

Last year, some lawmakers were pushing for the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act. It anything but fair, and though the issue died down in 2013, it’s trying to rear its ugly head again this year.

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