Poll: 53 Percent of Americans Oppose Obamacare

The latest Obamacare sign up deadline is today (kind of).  But singing up for an Obamacare plan on the federal exchange won’t be so easy.  The website is still full of glitches and showing error messages to users.

It comes as no surprise the law remains unpopular among most Americans.  A CBS News poll finds 53 percent of Americans disapprove of the law while only 41 percent approve of it.   An AP poll last week found only 26 percent of Americans support the law.  

The Administration hasn’t exactly inspired confidence in the American people that all will be well with Obamacare.

The original deadline to obtain insurance was January 1, 2014.  It’s been changed at will by the Obama Administration numerous times, with March 31 (today) being the latest (sort of) deadline.  The Heritage Foundation explains how the Administration is giving a pass to those who say they are “in line” for coverage.

But perpetually changing and elusive deadlines aren’t necessarily the biggest problem with Obamacare.  Heritage explains:

Heritage experts Robert Moffit and Ed Haislmaier described the transition from the old individual market to “private coverage in name only”:

The primary goal of the Obamacare exchanges is to establish federal control over state health insurance markets by enforcing new federal insurance rules and requiring federal standardization of health benefits.

And policies in the remaining individual market must, by law, look exactly the same. You can buy them anytime, but the benefit design isn’t likely to be much different. (Just watch how long you go without coverage, or the penalty for being uninsured will kick in.) 

This health care law cannot be fixed.  It fundamentally means less choice for patients.  Americans deserve a patient-centered health care system.  

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There's no real reason to trust Obamacare will ever work well.

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Obamacare means less choice for patients.

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Obamacare will always be unpopular because it means less choice for patients.

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