Pew: Keystone Pipeline Retains 2-to-1 Support among Public

The Keystone pipeline continues to draw broad support from the American public, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.  Overall, 61 percent of adults support the project.  There is more support among Republicans at 84 percent and independents at 61 percent, but even Democrats are divided with 49 percent in favor of the project and only 38 percent opposed.

Interestingly, Democrats with incomes of at least $100,000 are the least likely group to support the pipeline at 36 percent.  Those with incomes between $50,000 and $100,000 are divided, and those with incomes less than $50,000 show greater support.

The Keystone pipeline has consistently received positive environmental reviews from the State Department and would account for a mere 0.2 percent of the so-called “carbon budget,” according to Keystone detractors.

Legislation like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 94%‘s American Energy Renaissance Act would reduce barriers to energy production and projects like the Keystone pipeline.

With such robust support from the American public, positive environmental reviews, and potential to  contribute to American energy independence, it’s time for President Obama to approve the Keystone pipeline.

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