Obama, Amnesty, and Obamacare Benefits for Illegal Immigrants

During a town hall program aimed at uninsured Latinos Thursday, President Obama answered the question of whether illegal immigrants would be eligible for Obamacare once they have been granted amnesty, or “legal status,” under an immigration reform law.

His answer turned out to be more a condescending attack on Republicans than an answer, but it is evident that he supports the notion of illegal immigrants being made eligible for entitlements.  

He said that “first and foremost” he wanted to get immigration reform passed and said:

My suspicion is if we get that passed, initially at least the Republicans will insist people are not eligible for various benefits even if they have a legal status. I think that’s a principle they’ve generally expressed.

Does that imply Mr. Obama will insist illegal immigrants are eligible for Obamacare once they’ve been granted amnesty?  Perhaps Mr. Obama doesn’t understand the principle of why it’s a bad idea to provide benefits to those who broke our laws to come here.

The fiscal effects of making amnestied illegal immigrants eligible for federal entitlement programs such as Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare and the more than 80 means-tested welfare programs would be hugely burdensome to American taxpayers.

The President predicted that once immigration is passed, “over time, I think it becomes less of a political issue.”  Perhaps so, but it will remain a serious fiscal issue.

Mr. Obama, the self-proclaimed “champion-in-chief of comprehensive immigration reform,” said he could “absolutely” assure the community that signing up for Obamacare would not result in deportation of a family member illegally residing in the United States.

“None of the information that is provided in order for you to obtain health insurance is in any way transferred to immigration services,” he said.

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Obama doesn't understand why illegal immigrants shouldn't be eligible for Obamacare.

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