How Obamacare Pushes Low Income Americans Off the Ladder of Upward Mobility

According to new economic analysis by the Heritage Foundation’s Drew Gonshorowski, Obamacare will effectively push many low income Americans off the bottom of the economic ladder, thereby stunting their upward mobility.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), Obamacre lowers labor compensation by 1 percent annually between 2017 and 2024.  The Heritage Foundation illustrates how this will affect individuals at different income levels.

It is easy to observe that for lower incomes, Obamacare encourages people to work less, but that choice ultimately comes at a cost: further suppression of upward mobility and less economic flourishing.

How exactly does Obamacare encourage people to work less?  Under Obamacare, the less money you make, the more taxpayers will have to give you for health insurance.

Working less may sound fantastic to Jay Carney, who said working less will allow Americans to “pursue their dreams,” but working less actually inhibits people from achieving the American dream.

As Congressman Jim Jordan noted at the Heritage Action Conservative Policy Summit, hard work is essential to reducing poverty and obtaining success, contrary to what Democrats believe:

We now have one of the two major parties in this country embracing this concept that less work and more help from government is now part of the Democrat platform… It’s sad to see one of the two major parties now, what I would argue, step over the line and embrace this idea that somehow it’s good when people work less.  

Rep. Jordan asked people in the audience to think about the first job they had, however simple it may have been.  He reminded us that it was those jobs that first taught us the lessons of how to manage money and develop a great work ethic.

When we don’t let people experience that, or we have policies that discourage that and disincentivize that, we’re robbing them of the opportunity to learn those skills, those lessons, those principles, those values that we all got from that very first job. 

As is the case with the ever-growing welfare state more generally, Obamacare provides incentives for low income individuals to refrain from work, thereby preventing them from developing the skills to move up the economic ladder.

Cutting the bottom rung off the economic ladder is nothing to celebrate.

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