How to Disrupt Washington’s Corrupt Nexus

Washington’s main priority is protecting and enriching Washington.  In my Foundry column this week, I write that one of the central challenges facing conservatives – and really all Americans – is how to disrupt the corrupt nexus of big government politicians and the special interests that enrich them:

Agree or disagree with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) 12% on policy — and let’s be clear, there is a lot to disagree with — the fact that he makes merit-based decisions, often to the frustration of the professional lobbying class in Washington, is a welcome change. 

By contrast, another Capitol Hill publication ran a story profiling which lobbyists and special interest groups would thrive if there was a minor shakeup within House Republican leadership. Phrases such as “number of downtown confidants” and “new significance to a number of players on K Street” punctuate the story. 

Nothing perpetuates the Washington Ruling Class — and America’s dissatisfaction with Washington — more than this corrupt nexus. The collusion between Washington’s power players does not breed contempt formed out of some deep-seated jealousy; rather, it stems from the very real sense that Washington’s priority is Washington.

Read the entire piece here.

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Conservatives must disrupt the corrupt nexus of politicians and the special interests

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Merit-based decisions frustrate the professional lobbying class in Washington

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