How Conservatives Win

This week on the Foundry, I explain how conservatives win key legislative battles:

It should come as no surprise The New York Times would bury news of a conservative victory over President Obama on page eight. The lead paragraph said it all:

Senate Democrats, bowing to united House Republican opposition, dropped reforms of International Monetary Fund governance from a Ukraine aid package on Tuesday.

The real question is whether this was merely a moment in time or a seminal shift in how congressional Republicans will approach future showdowns. And to be clear, future showdowns are inevitable if we are to achieve any conservative policy victories.

Conservatives in the House and Senate recognized that Democrats were the ones responsible for holding up the aid to Ukraine by insisting on the inclusion of the controversial and unrelated IMF provision. As that narrative began to take hold and House conservatives made their opposition known, Reid relented.

Read my whole column here.

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Conservatives win key policy battles by taking a firm stand during tough showdowns on Capitol Hill.

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Conservatives can win battles on Capitol Hill by standing firm and having a real showdown.

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.@SenatorReid is not accustomed to folding. Here's how #conservatives got him to on the #IMF fight.

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