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Why A Hobby Lobby Victory at the Supreme Court is Important to Everyone

Hobby Lobby is a Christian owned craft store chain. It is run by the Green family according their Christian values. It is closed on Sundays, pays employees far above the minimum wage, and limits store hours so employees can spend more time with their families.

Founder David Green says his “family cannot in conscience subsidize certain mandated drugs and devices that can cause abortion in early pregnancy.”

Why does this matter, especially for those who consider themselves secular or non-religious?

Putin’s Russia and America’s Export-Import Bank

Even as Americans sour on Russia their financial activity in the country has soared through a little known credit export agency called the U.S. Export-Import (ExIm) Bank. According to the Bank’s2013 annual report, it guaranteed more than $580 million in export funding during the last fiscal year — up 177-percent from fiscal year 2012.

ExImBank RussiaGaurantees

Food Stamp Shenanigans Due to Farm Bill Loopholes Fulfill Conservative Predictions

It’s tempting to go on a tirade about all the terrible policies packed into the trillion food stamp and farm bill, but recent reports make it a little easier for us to hone in on one glaring problem: food stamp fraud and the explosive costs of and participation in the food stamp program.

Obama’s Grand Housing Reform Plan

The beltway press is humming now that Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) and Sen. Michael Crapo (R-ID) 82% have completed their bipartisan bill to eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But just because a proposal is bipartisan doesn’t mean it is worthwhile. Such is the case with Johnson-Crapo, which gives President Obama and his big-government allies what they want: explicit government guarantees in the housing markets along with new and improved affordable housing goals.

Pension-Smoothing: One Giant Accounting Trick

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says this gimmick ”saves the government money in the short term, [but] it increases future deficits by more than it saves.”


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