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He said that “first and foremost” he wanted to get immigration reform passed and said:

My suspicion is if we get that passed, initially at least the Republicans will insist people are not eligible for various benefits even if they have a legal status. I think that’s a principle they’ve generally expressed.

Does that imply Mr. Obama will insist illegal immigrants are eligible for Obamacare once they’ve been granted amnesty?  Perhaps Mr. Obama doesn’t understand the principle of why it’s a bad idea to provide benefits to those who broke our laws to come here.

Reset. New START. Ukraine.

President Obama’s “spectacular lack of leadership on the world stage” was evident long before the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

In 2010, the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) was touted as the crown jewel of the Administration’s “reset” policy with Russia. When Mr. Obama ratified the treaty on February 2, 2011 (with Hillary Clinton and John Kerry standing behind him — literally and figuratively), he called it the “cornerstone of our relations with Russia.”  Sadly, he was right. The New START treaty left Russia with “a several-fold numerical advantage over the U.S. in tactical nuclear weapons.

In 2010, conservatives had legitimate, substantive concerns with the treaty, concerns President Obama, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and current Secretary of State and then-Senator John Kerry ignored and rebuffed.  President Obama’s vision of how New START would play out wastotally unrealistic.

Obama’s Blunders, Lack of Strength and Consistency Embolden Russia

President Obama’s foreign policy blunders and failed leadership, encapsulated in the Obama Doctrine, have long evoked the ire of many foreign policy observers. Russia’s current actions in Ukraine are now triggering similar sentiments from the left about the President’s foreign policy. According to a recent CNN poll, most Americans disapprove of his foreign policy.

This growing consensus wasn’t always the case.

The left mercilessly mocked political figures on the right, such as Sarah Palin in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012, for their legitimate concerns Obama’s poor leadership would embolden Russia and Vladimir Putin. Events unfolding today in Russia and Ukraine are not occurring in a vacuum.

Will Mary Landrieu Advance Obama’s War on American Energy?

Rhea Suh is a long-time green community operative.

In October, President Obama nominated her to serve as the next Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife, and Parks for the Department of Interior. A vote on her nomination has been held up in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee – and for good reason.

Paul Ryan Praises The Lee and Graves Transportation Empowerment Act at CPAC

Rep. Ryan said (at the 8:58 mark):

Take Senator Mike Lee and Congressman Tom Graves.  They want to give states more control over our highways so that they can build the roads they need, because we believe families should spend less time in traffic and more time at home. 

TEA would turn back control of the federal highway program (including transit) to the states by incrementally decreasing the federal gas tax and the size of the federal program, and in turn empower the states to fund and manage their transportation programs and priorities—not those of Washington bureaucrats or influential lobbyists.

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