Ted Cruz on the American Energy Renaissance Act and Achieving the American Dream

What is Congress doing to help or hinder Americans’ efforts to achieve the American Dream?

Americans want to restore jobs and economic growth, and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 94% contends allowing the energy sector to prosper without unnecessary government interference is an essential avenue to those goals.   Yet, he says, “in Harry Reid’s Senate, jobs and economic growth don’t even make it onto the agenda.”

Sen. Cruz spoke at Heritage Action’s Conservative Policy Summit earlier this month. “We are seeing the beginning of an American energy renaissance” he said, and we need to reduce the “barriers coming from Washington that are making it harder and harder for people who are struggling to achieve the American Dream.”

Cruz discussed the phenomenal economic benefits occurring in states like North Dakota and Texas because of their energy industries.  He drew a contrast between Pennsylvania and New York, with the former state’s policies helping and the latter state’s policies hindering economic growth:

It is striking.  If you look at the Marcellus Shale, the shale doesn’t end at the border between Pennsylvania and New York, but the jobs do.  The jobs end because in New York, they don’t allow fracking.  And so, New Yorkers apparently, according to their political leadership, don’t want jobs because they’ve prohibited the ability to develop.  So if you go south to Pennsylvania, you’re seeing this kind of economic opportunity, and the arbitrary line carved in the ground shows the impact of misguided government policies.  

Now there is one thing, and only one thing, that can stop us from achieving the full potential of this energy renaissance.  And that is the government. 

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The American Energy Renaissance Act would allow Americans to prosper without excessive government interference

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There are overbearing government regulations getting between Americans and economic prosperity.

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