Morning Action: Heritage Action’s #ConservativePolicySummit

Today, Heritage Action is hosting the first ever Conservative Policy Summit.  The summit feature nines informative discussions about specific conservative policy alternatives.  Each discussion will include a leading Member of Congress, thought-leaders from the conservative movement, and an issue expert from the Heritage Foundation.

2014 Conservative Policy Summit: An Agenda to Unite America

  • 9:30a: Uniting America through Conservative Reform, featuring former Senator Jim DeMint
  • 10:00a: Protecting American Privacy in a Digital Age, featuring Rep. Matt Salmon
  • 11:00a: Transforming the Welfare State , featuring Rep. Jim Jordan
  • 11:55a: The American Energy Renaissance Act, featuring Sen. Ted Cruz
  • 12:30p: Promoting Patient-Centered Health Care, featuring Reps. Tom Price and Phil Roe
  • 1:30p: Stopping Bailouts and Cronyism, featuring Rep. Jeb Hensarling
  • 2:30p: Increasing Local Control and Accountability, featuring Rep. Tom Graves
  • 3:30p: Bringing Education Decisions Closer to the Students, featuring Sen. Tim Scott
  • 4:30p: Protecting Marriage and Religious Freedom, featuring Rep. Raul Labrador
  • 5:30p: America’s Future – Higher Education and Beyond, featuring Sen. Mike Lee
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If Congress if looking for bold ideas, they need to check out the #ConservativePolicySummit.

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The #ConservativePolicySummit is @Heritage_Action's agenda to unite America.

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A bold, forward-looking, winning conservative reform agenda? #ConservativePolicySummit.

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