Mike Lee: How to Succeed in 21st Century Global, Information Age Economy

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) 100% discussed the merits of his bill, the Higher Education Reform and Opportunity Act (S. 1904), earlier this month at the Heritage Action Conservative Policy Summit.  He explained the current accreditation system for higher education is stifling innovation and the federal government runs a higher education “cartel” of sorts.  His bill would change all of that.

As we’ve noted:

The bill would permit states, if they choose, to set up their own systems to accredit alternative institutions, programs, or courses.  It would free up the education system from the “iron triangle of regional accreditation organizations, the schools and federal bureaucrats,” as Sen. Lee explains.  He adds that the bill would “make it easier for students to customize their own education and gain the specific skills they need to compete in today’s economy.”


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