Jim Jordan: Want to Cure Poverty? You Need Work, Strong Families, Free Markets

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) 95% shared inspiring ideas about how to cure poverty in America at Heritage Action’s Conservative Policy Summit earlier this month.

“If you’re going to cure poverty,” Rep. Jordan said, “if you’re going to prevent most of poverty, three things you need: work, strong families, and free markets.  It’s really that simple… And that’s really what our bill is all about.”  Jordan’s bill is the Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act.  It was introduced in the Senate by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) 100%.

The main focus of Rep. Jordan’s discussion was the value of hard work.  He opines that the the Democrat party has stepped over the line by suggesting that “somehow it’s good when people work less.”

“We come from an entirely different focus,” Jordan said, “and this bill that we have is an entirely opposite direction.  We think work’s a good thing.”

“Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but it sure improves your chances,” he said as he closed his remarks.

Jordan Work

In his press release announcing this bill, Sen. Mike Lee said, “Successful welfare programs are those that make poverty more temporary, not more tolerable, and we need to move current policy in that direction.”

Sen. Lee, Rep. Jordan, and other supporters of this bill understand what it takes to help get people out of poverty and stay out of poverty.

On the contrary, President Obama and the left are perpetuating poverty in America.  The Heritage Foundation’s chief economist Stephen More writes:

In all, just over 100 million Americans now get some form of welfare-based government benefit. This does not include Medicare or Social Security. Obama’s economics team thinks the more the better, because these are programs that “stimulate” the economy.


Does this welfare net discourage work and encourage dependency? Work is required for few of the 80 benefit programs, except some cash and food aid programs and the earned income tax credit. This may explain why more than half of families in poverty don’t have anyone working.

Work, job training or education should be a bare minimum federal requirement as part of the social contract for receiving most forms of government assistance. But the left opposed this in the food stamps debate.

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