Professor Gives Common Core a Failing Grade

Common Core standards are supposedly designed to engender in students things like “deeper learning” and “critical thinking” and to give teachers “fewer, clearer, higher standards” for their students.  All of that sounds very nice, and there is no shortage of professors and intellectuals who give the Common Core their stamp of approval.

Yet, Common Core is failing students.  A set of standards for mathematics and English language arts, Common Core fails to deliver on its promises of improving outcomes for students in these areas.  

Sandra Stotsky, a professor emerita of education reform at the University of Arkansas, is not among the professors who approve of Common Core.

Ms. Stotsky calls out (sub. req’d) President Obama for championing careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) while at the same time promoting Common Core.  She says there is a “dramatic mismatch of the Common Core math standards with the White House goal of  preparing more students for a STEM career.”

Stotsky is not alone in this opinion!

Common Core’s leading mathematics standards writer, Jason Zimba,  said that the standards are designed to provide students with enough mathematics to make them ready for a nonselective college, “not for STEM.”

Stotsky also reveals how Common Core fails to improve students’ English and language arts learning.

Under the Common Core, complex literary study—literature close to or at a college reading level—is reduced to about 50% of reading instructional time in high school English class. The rest of the time is to be spent on “informational” texts, and more writing than reading is required at all grade levels.

Everyone can agree that quality education for American children is essential, but Common Core standards are not an effective means of achieving that goal.

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