Morning Action: Omni-Busted

Omnibus.  Yesterday afternoon, just 44 hours after unveiling a massive 1,582-page omnibus spending bill, the House cleared the $1.111 trillion measure.  With nearly every single Democrat voting yes, The Hill reports:

While most Democrats clearly preferred funding the government over risking a government shutdown, they also complained that the process needs to improve.

“This can be described very charitably as a mixed bag,” said Rep. James McGovern (D-Mass.). “This is a 1,500-page bill that nobody has actually read.”

Yet the bill won even more support than the two-year budget deal it was based on. Ninety-four House members had voted against the budget deal.

See how your Representative voted.

Obama Won.  According to an analysis by National Journal, President Obama won the day:

Still, Republican appropriators cut more spending than the current omnibus does in eight of the 10 appropriations bills the chamber passed last year. The only department that will see less funding under the omnibus than under the House Republican plan is Defense.

By contrast, in six of the 12 bills included in the omnibus, President Obama got more funding than he asked for in his 2014 budget. That includes the funding bills for Agriculture and Rural Development; Commerce, Science, and Justice; Energy and Water Development; Homeland Security; Interior and Environment; and the State Department.

Republicans say that the 30-day allotment for fiscal 2014 appropriations just wasn’t sufficient to take up many of the policy changes their caucus has championed. Many of those fights had to be pushed off to fiscal 2015, with Republican appropriators saying they’ll have more time.

See what else was in the massive omnibus.

Senate.  The upper chambers wasted no time stacking the procedural deck against conservatives.  Again, The Hill:

“Under the rule, the vote will be Friday morning,” Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13%said Wednesday evening. “I’ve had a number of requests to see if that could be moved forward, and I’m waiting to see if we can get consent to do that.”

If the procedural vote happens Friday, that would let the Senate pass the bill by Saturday, but that whole timetable could be moved up if both parties agree.

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