Morning Action: Marco Rubio Opposes Obamacare Bailout for Health Insurers

OBAMACARE.  Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 73% penned an op-ed to express his opposition to a taxpayer-funded bailout for health insurers under Obamacare:

Washington’s authority for this bailout was buried deep inside ObamaCare, in the law’s section 1342. This provision authorized what are known as risk corridors that limit the amount of profit insurers could extract from the program and, most significantly, limit their losses.

Whatever larger differences we have about ObamaCare, we should completely eliminate any chance of a taxpayer-funded bailout for health insurers.

This means that if not enough people sign up for ObamaCare, insurers will lose money and taxpayers will make up the difference. If not enough young and healthy people sign up, as is currently the case, taxpayers will have to pay even more.

This is government favoritism and corporate cronyism at its worst, and it’s taxpayers that will pay the price unless we stop it.

Sen. Rubio has introduced legislation that will protect American taxpayers from a taxpayer-funded bailout for insurance companies.  Read Sen. Rubio’s entire op-ed here.

The Heritage Foundation has created an Obamacare fact check in pictures to call President Obama out for his inaccuracies and deceptions about his signature healthcare law.

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