Jim DeMint on The March for Life, Protecting Women and Children

Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint explains why hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans come to Washington to march in the annual March for Life.

DeMint states:

All of us as the Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action are grateful for America’s tireless community for life that continues to fight to restore common sense protections for unborn children.  In the past few years, courageous policy makers who respect life have passed a record number of laws that protect women and recognize the dignity of both mother and child.  Thousands of pregnancy centers across the country are providing compassionate care to women facing unplanned pregnancies.  Their work empowers women with real choices through parenting pr the beautiful choice of adoption.

The life movement continues to face new challenges, and one of the biggest is Obamacare “which is forcing charities and family businesses to cover abortion inducing drugs in their health plans.”

Moreover, as Heritage’s Sarah Torre and Ryan Anderson explain, “policies are now threatening the freedom of private and faith-based providers to abide by their religious and moral beliefs while continuing to meet the needs of children, parents, and communities effectively.”

Myriad faith-based providers connect thousands of children in need of a home with married couples desiring to adopt them.  They assist women who have unexpected pregnancies financially and emotionally.  Yet, in states where sexual orientation laws being passed and the legal redefinition of marriage is occurring, private foster care and adoption providers who believe children deserve a mother and a father are under attack.

These oppressive laws are making it more difficult for the pro-life community to help mothers and children in need of a home.  The March for Life puts sheds light on the tragic reality of abortion and the uphill — but necessary — battle pro-life America faces.

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