Email Your Representative to Oppose the “FARM” BILL CONFERENCE REPORT

What if you wanted to sell me something for $40, but I only offered you $4?

Obviously you wouldn’t take that offer, but would you “compromise” and settle for $8?

It’s not very likely, especially if you knew your product could command $40.

Yet, that’s the type of “compromise” the House and Senate just made on food stamp cuts in the so-called farm-bill — but on a much larger scale.

The House wanted $40 billion in food stamp cuts.  The Senate wanted $4 billion.  The “compromise” they reached was an $8 billion cut.

Remember, there are now nearly 48 million individuals on food stamps, compared with nearly 31 million in 2008 and 17 million in 2000.

The farm bill conference report does virtually nothing to reform agriculture programs and farm subsidies.  (View our key vote here.)  The one-trillion dollar bill does nothing to control Washington’s spending problem or the rapidly growing food stamp program.  Email your Representative to oppose the farm bill “compromise.”

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The #FarmBill does nothing to control Washington's spending problem or the growing food stamp program

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