Congress Can Eliminate These Wasteful Programs Saving Taxpayers Billions

Were you aware that your taxpayer money is used to fund a pet-shampoo company?  It is.

We’re not kidding.  How, you ask?  The funds are channeled through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to a pet-shampoo company.  Why?  That’s an even better question.

But that’s not the only problem with the CDBG program.  It also issues risky business loans and duplicates other housing and economic development programs, wasting $3.1 billion in the process.

It’s among 10 programs the Heritage Foundation has identified that Congress should eliminate as they appropriate funds in the $1 trillion discretionary spending bill.  If Congress heeds their advice and eliminates these wasteful programs, they will save $10.2 billion of our taxpayer money.

Were you aware that you’re funding bicycle paths, sidewalks and nature paths, community preservation and landscaping in other states — places you may never see?  Federal taxpayer dollars should not be used for these projects, because they are purely local matters.  Yet, the Department of Transportation’s Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), an $800 million program, uses funds this way.

Where did Congress go so wrong?  That’s a loaded question.

But one major wrong turn was the passage of the $1.012 trillion Ryan-Murray Budget agreement, which weakened the bipartisan budget caps set by the sequester in exchange for the promise of savings in the distant future that may never happen.

In light of our $17 trillion debt, lawmakers should eliminate the wasteful, ineffective, and duplicative programs outlined by the Heritage Foundation.

Read all the recommendations here:

10 Programs to Eliminate in the January 2014 Spending Bill—and Save $10.2 Billion




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