Repeal of Obamacare: An Easy Sale at the Door

The news coverage of Obamacare has been anything but favorable lately.  Left leaning columnist Ezra Klein recently published an article entitled “Sorry Liberals, Obamacare’s problems go much deeper than the website.”  This is a stinging rebuke of a law that was once sold as the savior to those being crushed by rising health insurance costs.  The problems of Obamacare are not limited to failed attempts to sign up online.

Sixteen million people, have healthcare plans that are not grandfathered in under Obamacare, which means that they will ultimately lose their current health plans.

So what is the Obama Administration now doing to remedy the situation? Enroll America is paying staffers with Get Covered America, to go door-to-door and offer to direct people through the Obamacare sign up process.

Recently Matt Labash of the Weekly Standard joined the staffers at Get Covered America in Hollywood, Florida to see how the hard sell was going.  He wrote about a woman named Joyce in an article entitled “Hard Sell; Going door-to-door for Obamacare.”  She says Obamacare caused her deductible to skyrocket from $400 to $1,500.  Joyce, who voted for President Obama twice, now has to choose between paying for food and paying for medicine, a very uncomfortable position to be in.

Labash, also notes that through his experiences Obamacare “has now achieved such negative critical mass that it not only gets blamed for what it does do, but what it doesn’t.”

Heritage Action is also walking door-to-door. 

We are speaking with Americans who understand that this is not just a website problem; this is a policy problem.  In just a few months nearly 10,000 respondents told us they want Congress to repeal the President’s healthcare law.  The Medicaid expansion in Florida will cost the taxpayers $4.1 billion through 2022 while hundreds of thousands of Floridians’ insurance policies are cancelled.

Door-to-door navigators paid for by Enroll America will try and convince Americans that Obamacare is only plagued by a faulty website, but we know it’s not just a website.  The thousands of Americans we have spoken to, have told us the problems extend beyond just the website.  Obamacare is destroying their healthcare and raising the cost of living and no door-to-door sales pitch can change that.

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