Merry Christmas from HAFA: Celebrating Christmas Day

The Obama administration may want you to spend your Christmas or holiday celebrations talking about Obamacare.  We know you deserve better than that!  As Lady Margaret Thatcher said, “Christmas is a day of meaning and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends.”  With millions of Americans losing the healthcare plans they liked under Obamacare, talk of the failed law will almost certainly serve to darken the mood.

Still, Obamacare remains and important topic insofar as most Americans want a break from it; in a recent poll, sixty-seven percent of Americans say they would delay Obamacare, and 53 percent say that would vote to repeal it.  We’ve created an Obamacare parody video of all the things Obamacare wants to give us for Christmas, which will help to explain the results of the poll.

Christmas may be the worst time to bring up Obamacare, actually.

The truth is, Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Accordingly, Christmas is also a day to remember our Judeo-Christian traditions and values, which are without a doubt under attack by the left.  We need look no further than Obamacare’s coercive anti-conscience HHS mandate.  As the Heritage Foundation’s Helle Dale stated in 2004, Christianity is being forced into retreat (and the situation has only worsened since then):

Anyone who picks up a newspaper or turns on the television will recognize the sustained assault in the United States and Europe on Christmas and Christianity. In New York, religious floats have been banned from the “holiday parade.” And last week brought the news that the pope himself had been greatly startled to find the Nativity scene in an elementary school of the town of Treviso replaced by a display featuring Little Red Riding Hood.

But this is about more than Christmas, whose real meaning can certainly get lost in the orgy of gift giving and parties. It is Judeo-Christian culture itself that is under attack as the religious foundation of the Western World.

The suppression of our religious values and our freedoms is not what America is about, and it’s certainly not something to be rejoiced over at Christmastime.

As former Heritage Foundation president Ed Feulner explained:

This freedom to define your own destiny ultimately derives from the Judeo-Christian tradition. God created us in His own image, and just as God is free, so we are meant for freedom.

Government’s purpose is not to impose some top-down vision of the good society on the rest of us, but to empower men and women to use their God-given freedom as they choose.

So this Christmas, let’s be grateful for our God-given freedoms.  Let’s not be fooled into thinking Obamacare is not a threat to those freedoms.  And let’s celebrate with family and friends in a spirit of gratitude for the gifts in our lives like freedom — because that gift isn’t government-given, it’s God-given.


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