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The news coverage of Obamacare has been anything but favorable lately.  Left leaning columnist Ezra Klein recently published an article entitled “Sorry Liberals, Obamacare’s problems go much deeper than the website.”  This is a stinging rebuke of a law that was once sold as the savior to those being crushed by rising health insurance costs.  The problems of Obamacare are not limited to failed attempts to sign up online.

Sixteen million people, have healthcare plans that are not grandfathered in under Obamacare, which means that they will ultimately lose their current health plans.

Farm Bill Deal Reached, House May Vote as Early as Next Week

The four principal House and Senate farm bill conferees, Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK) 52%, Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) 34%, Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) 5%, and Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) 30%, have reached a deal on the legislation, one that “bridges the biggest gaps” between the House and Senate versions.  Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)63% announced Thursday that a vote on the farm bill conference report would come as soon as next week.  Alternatively, the house may pass a one-month extension of existing programs.

There has been a long-running dispute between the House and Senate on the basis for subsidies to farmers – either a farmer’s base acres or on the actual crops a farmer planted.  The agreement allows farmers to choose which type of subsidies they will receive, which more closely resembles what the House bill offers.

5 Facts that Show Young People Skeptical of Obamacare are Right

A new Harvard University poll indicates that young people ages 18 – 29 believe Obamacare will result in higher costs and lower quality of care.  Forty percent of young adults think the quality of care will get worse under Obamacare, and 37 percent believe it will remain the same, while a mere 17 percent think it may get better.  Fifty-one percent say it will increase costs for them, and 34 percent say they will remain the same, while a mere 11 percent think it will decrease costs for them.

President Obama’s Remarks on the Economy: “Government is Us”

President Obama made remarks on the economy Wednesday, lamenting inequality in America. Of course, he blames everyone but himself and the big government he promotes for the state of things.

Mr. Obama said, “we can’t tackle inequality if the economic pie is shrinking or stagnant.”  But as Heritage’s David Azerrad explains, “Free-market economics is not about dividing up a dwindling pie, but expanding the pie to serve everyone. Those who succeed do not do so at the expense of others.”

 Man, Obamacare Stinks for You Literally

It doesn’t appear likely that the Obama administration will get as many young people to sign up for Obamacare as they would like – or as many as are needed for the law to be viable. Why?  It doesn’t make sense economically for us, as Fox News’s William La Jeunesse reported Tuesday morning.  Obamacare means that young people – who earn dramatically less than their older counterparts – are subsidizing older, sicker people.  This is especially true for young men, who see the doctor less often than women and have very low annual healthcare costs.



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