Sentinel Story: Ginny Quaglia is Dissatisfied with Obamacare and Actively Opposing It

“Kay Hagan is incapable of thinking for herself and thinking about the people and the needs of North Carolina. She has become the face of the liars in the Democratic Party.” – Ginny Quaglia

For one North Carolina resident and her husband, Obamacare has meant nothing but turmoil.

Ginny and Joe Quaglia are retired with two grown children. They’re now channeling their efforts and energies to saving America. And it needs saving. With Obamacare unraveling before our eyes, this is painfully clear.

When President Obama was elected, Ginny knew that she needed to combat the tide of liberalism in a concrete way. Today the Obamacare debacle is simply adding fuel to the fire for this motivated political activist and Heritage Action Sentinel.

Ginny has a right to be infuriated.

She received a letter from her insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, notifying her that her plan had been canceled even though she and her husband were perfectly happy with it. She said she was automatically enrolled in a “bronze” plan because it most closely resembled her current costs.

Still, it was more expensive than the plan she and Joe had selected in the individual market. Under the “bronze” plan, her deductible would increase from $10,000 to $11,000 and her premiums would increase from $488 per month to $1,100 per month.

To avoid this leap in costs, Ginny and Joe have opted for a retiree medical plan with Joe’s former employer, Alcoa. Interestingly, they chose not to go with an employer-based plan in the first place because they found a plan on the individual market that was much cheaper. They based their decision on what was the most cost effective for them at the time, hoping when Obama said they could keep their current plan it would work out that way. That said, they had studied the law and knew the odds were against them for keeping their plan.

Now, their employer-based retiree plan will be equivalent in net cost to the Obamacare eligible plan offered by BCBSNC but substantially more than the individual market BCBSNC plan they had chosen that worked for them.

Ginny explained the bottom line is they can’t keep their plan, and they are forced to make a choice that costs them substantially more either way. They chose their employer-based plan basically for security that it wouldn’t get cancelled and for a better deductible.

Monthly Premium Total Deductible
Original Plan $488 $10,000
Obamacare “Bronze” Plan $1,100 $11,000
New Employer-based Plan $1,100 ($1,700 before employer contribution) $ 3,000


The Erosion of Trust

Ginny has lost trust in Washington, especially in President Obama and Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC). She said that Kay Hagan never opposes President Obama or questions his ideas. She added:

Kay Hagan is incapable of thinking for herself and thinking about the people and the needs of North Carolina. She has become the face of the liars in the Democratic Party.

Can you blame Ginny for her skepticism?

Ginny, like many other politically involved Americans, knows that Democrats in Congress sided with Mr. Obama rather than with the American people when they had opportunity after opportunity to stop Obamacare.

Ginny Quaglia Cartoon

Ginny Quaglia Cartoon by Ed Wilson

Ginny Quaglia Speaks at Tax Day Tea Party Rally

Ginny Quaglia Speaks at Tax Day Tea Party Rally

Not only is Ginny a Heritage Action Sentinel and involved with Tea Party groups in her area, but she is very involved on social media, holding Kay Hagan and other elected officials accountable.




Millions of Americans have lost the health care plans they liked just like Ginny and Joe. Democrats in Congress who support Obamacare are taking much of the blame.

So President Obama announced Thursday that people would be allowed to keep their plans into 2014 by allowing the sale of insurance plans that don’t meet the law’s new requirements.

It’s clear from Ginny’s Twitter account that the President’s proposed “fix” to Obamacare, won’t win her trust. Ginny is not naïve enough to think this is an honest or adequate proposal. “We don’t trust anything that he says. Why should we?”

For now, she and her husband aren’t going to risk attempting to regain the plan they truly wanted, because a year from now, the President could pull the rug from out of under them yet again.

Ginny says this experience has taught her something valuable about elections, especially presidential elections:

We’re not voting for a candidate the media picks for us.

She’ll have her eyes out for real conservatives who will work to make conservative policies a reality. Clearly, the ideas of liberal politicians haven’t served her well.

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