Sebelius’s Obamacare Lie: “If We Want to Keep Prices Down, Delay Is Not An Option”

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius testified before Congress about the Obamacare exchanges Wednesday, and though her defense of the law was full of emotional pleas, it was not honest.

Some have asked, ‘Why not just delay implementation of the new law until all the problems are fixed?’  There is a pretty straight forward answer.

She’s right about that.  There is a straightforward answer.  The Administration would rather Americans suffer from a botched up rollout and the subsequent ravages of a government takeover of health care than concede that the law is and always will be a failure.  I mean, who expects the government to be efficient – cut these poor people a little slack!

Anyway, she decided to go with the long, convoluted, rhetorical answer, rambling on about Obamacare’s awesome, pseudo-deific power to save everyone from everything bad, like death:

Delaying the Affordable Care Act would not delay people’s cancer, diabetes, or Parkinson’s.  It would not delay the need for dental health services or cholesterol screenings or prenatal health care.  Delaying the Affordable Care Act does not allay the foreclosure notices for families forced into bankruptcy by unpayable medical bills.  It does not delay the higher costs that all of us pay when uninsured Americans are left with no choice but to rely on emergency rooms for care.  For millions of Americans, delays are not an option.  People’s lives depend on this.  Too many hard-working people have been waiting for too long for the ability to obtain affordable health insurance.  We want to save families from going bankrupt; we want to save the lives of more of our friends and neighbors by allowing them to detect medical issues early.  If we want to keep prices down, delay is not an option. 

Okay.  Hold on a minute.  If we want to keep prices down, delay is not an option?

The Heritage Foundation’s health policy analyst Chris Jacobs tweeted out a prompt rebuttal:

She really does herself no favors by misleading the American people, but she knows she’s in good company with President Obama — who lied 36 times to the American people about keeping their insurance plans if they liked them under Obamacare.  And she knows he’s got her back, so “whatever” to borrow a word from Sebelius’s last testimony before Congress.

And what about her claim that too many hard-working people have been waiting too long for affordable insurance?

Apparently she didn’t get the memo that insurance premiums will rise in almost every state thanks to Obamacare.  She must have also missed the memo that millions of Americans are losing the health care plans they like, because the liberals think those plans are “substandard.”  Charles Krauthammer translated the Left’s Obamacare rhetoric well when he said:

Sure, you freely chose the policy, paid for the policy, renewed the policy, liked the policy. But you’re too primitive to know what you need. We do. Your policy is hereby canceled.

Individuals aren’t the only ones suffering from the Left’s condescension, though.

Small businesses will also be adversely affected by Obamacare, too.  Both individuals and small businesses will be hit by a relatively well hidden Obamacare tax beginning in 2014 on health insurance premiums that will increase individual and small group health insurance premiums by an additional 2–3 percent.

Obamacare means thousands of small businesses are losing their current health care plans.  Forbes explains that after October 2014, small business owners will face a “bleak choice”:  “Find another policy that’s compliant with Obamacare, but also more costly. Or put their employees into the Obamacare exchange.”

One Coloradan and her husband own their own dental practice.  Not only are they frustrated that Obamacare made them lose their insurance plan of 7 years, but they are also concerned about their employees’ insurance.  They said:

We are very frustrated to not know what our options are as a small business offering coverage to our employees.

Kathleen Sebelius can make sweeping statements like “people’s lives depend on this,” all she wants.

That doesn’t fix the reality of Obamacare, a law that has resulted in harm to millions of American families, and one that will continue to harm us until it is fully repealed and replaced with patient-centered, market-based health care.

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