How Much is Obamacare Costing You?

Every day we read new stories of American losing the health care plans they liked.  You may be among the millions of Americans whose premiums are rising under the Affordable Care Act.  Most Americans know that “Affordable Care Act” is a misnomer, like Jim and Vicki White whose premiums increased 344 percent under Obamacare.

Your story is worth telling too.  Washington lawmakers need to be confronted with the harm they have inflicted upon us with Obamacare.  It is important for the conservative movement to demonstrate the harsh realities of Obamacare, and you can help.   We’ve created an interactive map depicting premium increases by state as well as a form for submitting your story and your picture.



Socialized medicine is not the answer for better health care in America.  Instead, we need patient-centered, market-based health care.

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