Harry Reid’s #MinimumWage “Happy Talk,” Yet More Proof He’s in Liberal Fantasy Land

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13% is now tweeting about the raising the minimum wage because he contends it will “strengthen middle class families, boost economic activity, and help lift the working poor from poverty.”  Liberals are notorious for clinging onto ideas that make for good slogans and that would work really well in a fantasy but that have no place in reality.

He would like the federal government to raise the minimum wage, and of course, that sounds nice, but the economic reality is that it would harm the very people it is intended to help, just like Obamacare.

Last November, Harry Reid accused Republicans of “happy talk” on his Twitter account:

If he turns his minimum wage “happy talk” into action, low-skilled and entry-level workers will be harmed.  When the city of D.C. wanted to raise the minimum wage, Heritage Foundation labor policy analyst James Sherk explained:

The D.C. government can require companies to pay their workers more, but this does not make those workers more productive. Businesses will not pay their workers more than the value their labor creates. Many companies that can afford to pay an entry-level worker $8.25 an hour would find paying them $12.50 an hour uneconomical. Raising the minimum wage so high would force companies to cut jobs. They would also hire much more selectively, choosing only the most skilled and experienced applicants for the higher pay. This would leave entry-level workers with fewer skills out in the cold.

Elsewhere he explains:

Liberals often respond by arguing that the benefits to the workers who get the raise nonetheless outweigh the costs to those who get laid off (or never get hired in the first place). These arguments miss the primary value of minimum-wage positions—they provide on-the-job training for unskilled and inexperienced workers. They teach workers basic employability skills, from the discipline of getting up for work on time to how to interact with customers. As workers gain experience and skills, they become more productive and command higher pay. That is why two-thirds of minimum-wage workers earn raises within a year. The minimum wage is a learning wage, the first rung on many workers’ career ladders. A higher minimum wage saws off this rung.

Harry Reid’s minimum wage increase crusade will hurt many Americans looking to better their life through finding work.  But then again we’re talking about a man whose website still boasts of Obamacare’s economic benefits and general awesome effects on health care:

The Affordable Care Act will ensure that all Nevadans and Americans have access to quality, affordable health coverage.  This reform will not only lower costs, but improve choices, competition and offer more assistance to ensure that all Americans can afford health insurance. 

The notion that Obamacare means all Americans will have access to quality, affordable health coverage is as farcical as the notion that arbitrarily raising the minimum wage will help Americans looking to improve their lives.  It’s as farcical as the idea that Obamacare means increased competition, too.  Heritage produced the following map, which undermines that false claim:



He often talks about helping the middle class by promoting small business and by taxing small businesses less:

It appears he is unaware that Obamacare increases taxes on small businesses thereby reducing job creation:

It is generally agreed that the economic incidence of the tax will fall on consumers and small employers. The higher costs that small employers face will tend to reduce employment. A study by the National Federal of Independent Business Research Foundation found that the health insurance tax will reduce private-sector employment by 146,000 to 262,000 jobs in 2022.

Harry Reid is an extremely destructive lawmaker.  Having an expertise in spewing liberal fantasies on his Twitter does not justify his presence in Congress, though that is a skill he does possess.  It’s unclear why or how he thinks Obamacare will help middle class America or why he thinks raising the minimum wage arbitrarily will do so either   What is clear is that this incredibly wealthy man has no idea how to help the middle class or the economy.

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