False Farm Bill Claims That Won’t Help Taxpayers

Are lawmakers in the House and Senate truly working to protect taxpayers and reduce the $17 trillion national debt as they consider the farm bill?

Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-OR) 14% suggested that the farm bill conferees were working to protect taxpayers and “modernize” farm policy during the farm bill conference meeting on October 30.

If that is what he truly thinks, perhaps he does not understand the impact the House and Senate farm bill legislation will have on taxpayers, and he certainly is mistaken to believe that enough has been done to modernize the farm bill.

The Heritage Foundation explains:

Congress continues to treat agriculture as if it were 1933 instead of 2013. Agriculture is a cutting-edge sector of the economy that continues to innovate and produce more food with fewer resources.

Instead of reflecting the technological advancements farmers have made and their considerable financial stability and success, the farm bill is a “model of central planning” complete with “price supports, supply restrictions, import quotas, [and] government-subsidized international marketing programs for major corporations.”

Rep. Schrader also said both chambers agree that crop insurance is the “way to go” to modernize the farm bill, but both the House and Senate farm bills expand crop insurance, rather than allowing farmers to manage risk privately.

All of this comes at the expense of taxpayers! In fact, the farm bills both add new costly subsidy programs to the farm bill that did not exist before.

Perhaps what Rep. Schrader must have meant to say was the Congress is working to protect special interests and to kowtow to the agriculture lobby.

Even President Obama suggested nearly three times more cuts to agriculture spending than the House and Senate food stamp and farm bills do.


The farm bill is shaping up to be anything but fiscally conservative; those who are concerned about the farm bill harming taxpayers may see their fears come true.

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