Email Your Senators To Oppose ENDA

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) would severely undermine civil liberties, increase government interference in the labor market, and trample on religious liberty. It is flawed public policy based in part on the tenuously defined term “gender identity,” which is commonly understood to be subjective, self-disclosed, and self-defined.

ENDA would potentially discourage job creation because it would increase government interference in the labor market. Under this bill, business would be required by law to adopt the government’s values which are based on a vague, subjective definition of “gender identity.”

Encourage your Senators to oppose the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Use this form to email your Senators with the message that ENDA is bad public policy and should be opposed:

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#ENDA severely undermines civil liberties and tramples on religious liberty. Tell Your Senator to Vote No

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The Employment Non-Discrimination Act is bad public policy. Tell Your Senator to oppose #ENDA

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