The “Dirty Little Lie” About Obamacare

Because of Obamacare’s new requirements and regulations, Linda DeRight and her husband have had their insurance plan of 25 years canceled.   Linda explained that under Obamacare, plans like hers are being called “garbage plans,” which she said she “really resents.”

Our ‘garbage plan’ had served us really well for twenty-five years.  They mapped us to another plan, but those plans, when we looked further, are so incredibly narrow in terms of providers and benefits, and for us we’re 32-year residents of Seattle and 25-year participants in this health care policy, and we were losing all our providers.  That’s what I found to be the dirty little lie about Obamacare… You can’t [keep your doctor].  

Of the 38 plans available to Linda and her husband, they only found one that had an expanded provider network, and she thinks that is the one they will choose, because at age 59, they’ve had some doctors for 30 years who know them.

The couple is “fairly healthy,” but they’ve had a couple issues along the way, and their plan was “fine for [them].”   Their new policy will be $1,148 per month for “two 59-year-olds in seemingly good health, with a couple of middle age issues.”  She added:

It is incredible.  If you bought what Obama was saying, no one can really keep their doctor, unless you’re paying this exorbitant amount, you cannot keep your doctor.

Linda said her situation was not “unique,” and Neil Cavuto concluded:
Folks, this is not the exception.  This is not a unique situation.  This is the healthcare law unrolling in America. 
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Linda DeRight's lost her plan under Obamacare -- and she's not the exception, she's the norm.

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Obamacare is a problem for people like Linda -- people cannot keep their doctors.

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Linda didn't think that her plan was a "garbage plan," but Obamacare thinks it was.

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