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When President Obama was elected, Ginny knew that she needed to combat the tide of liberalism in a concrete way.  Today the Obamacare debacle is simply adding fuel to the fire for this motivated political activist and Heritage Action Sentinel.

Ginny has a right to be infuriated.

She received a letter from her insurance company, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, notifying her that her plan had been canceled even though she and her husband were perfectly happy with it.  She said she was automatically enrolled in a “bronze” plan because it most closely resembled her current costs.

Obama and Democrats’ Weak Attempt to Untangle the Obamacare Web

President Obama and his administration are scrambling to “fix” Obamacare to appease the demands of Democrat lawmakers who are utterly embarrassed – and whose prestigious positions are threatened – by the debacle.

“I think it’s fair to say the rollout has been rough so far,” Mr. Obama said Thursday afternoon as he gave the country an update on the botched Obamacare rollout. “I completely get how upsetting this can be to a lot of Americans,” he said.

He added, “we’re going to do everything we can to help Americans who have received these cancellation notices,” but he also remarked that he “will not accept proposals that are just another brazen attempt to repeal the overall law.”  He said it’s unacceptable to return to the previous system.  

Obama’s Amazon Problem

President Obama has many problems these days, and he can thank his Chief Technology Officer Todd Park for the latest.

Later this week, the Obama administration will release data on the number of Americans who have enrolled in Obamacare.  On Monday, the Washington Post’s Sarah Kliffconfirmed with an anonymous “administration official” who will count as Obamacare enrollee:

Health insurance plans only count subscribers as enrolled in a health plan once they’ve submitted a payment.  That is when the carrier sends out a member card and begins paying doctor bills. 

Leftists’ Muddled (and Frightening) Message on Life, Marriage, and Family

From marriage, to life, to family, leftists’ message has become so muddled and confusing, it is almost impossible to discern where they truly want America to go besides down. 

In an effort to advance “women’s rights,” liberal feminists have championed abortion for decades.  But to be consistent in their justification of elective abortions, they have to defend sex-selective abortion, a practice that has resulted in disproportionately large swaths of female populations missing worldwide.

Only a handful of states in the U.S. have outlawed the practice, and it is well documentedthat Planned Parenthood has refused to admit that they will not perform sex-selective abortions unless it has been made illegal.

Will Farm Bill Conferees Help Obama Maintain the Flawed Farm Bill Status Quo?

Farm bill conferees considering unsatisfactory minor fixes to the bloated, archaic farm bill may help President Obama obtain one of his year end goals.  In speeches around the country, Mr. Obama has been pressing for the passage of a farm bill.

 While tinkering around the edges of the farm bill may create the appearance of political compromise, it won’t protect taxpayers from another costly farm bill.  Yet, Mr. Obama has the audacity to be surprised and frustrated that the farm bill hasn’t been passed with as much ease as in years past.

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