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Over the past several months, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board clashed frequently with conservatives who fought to stop Obamacare during the funding battle.  Rushing to continue their linguistic assault, the editorial writers made a clear error in their lead editorial last night (cached version):

Mr. Cuccinelli’s supposed friends in the tea party also stabbed him in the back by pushing the government shutdown.  About 30% of Virginia voters live in the Washington, D.C., suburbs that are packed with government employees, andnearly 90% of voters in exit polls blamed Republicans for the shutdown. (emphasis added)

But the exit polling says no such thing.  The “nearly 90%” figure the Journal’s editorial writers referenced was that 88% of voters who blamed Republicans voted for of McAuliffe.

It appears the editorial writers were so intent on continuing their war against what they dub the “kamikaze caucus” they didn’t even question the notion that 90% of Virginians were in agreement on an issue.  Reality doesn’t always lend itself to rhetorical red meat, and the exit poll numbers paint a much murkier picture of the shutdown’s impact on the final tally than readers were led to believe.

To be clear, they are entitled to their own opinions – they are opinion writers after all – but they are not entitled to their own facts.

Sebelius’s Obamacare Lie: “If We Want to Keep Prices Down, Delay is Not An Option”

Apparently she didn’t get the memo that insurance premiums will rise in almost every state thanks to Obamacare.  She must have also missed the memo that millions of Americans are losing the health care plans they like, because the liberals think those plans are “substandard.” 

Kathleen Sebelius can make sweeping statements like “people’s lives depend on this,” all she wants.

That doesn’t fix the reality of Obamacare, a law that has resulted in harm to millions of American families, and one that will continue to harm us until it is fully repealed and replaced with patient-centered, market-based health care.

Mary Landrieu’s Tacit Acknowledgement of Obamacare’s False Promises, Failures

Vulnerable red state Democrats – even those who are diehard fans of Obamacare – see that Obamacare is failing. But they refuse to relent.

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) is one of the many liberal lawmakers who parroted President Obama’s false promise that if you like your plan you can keep it, is standing by the failed law.  In a floor speech on October 12, she said, “I am standing in this election as a supporter of the Affordable Care Act.” 

But by introducing the “Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise Act,” she is tacitly acknowledging that the law isn’t working.

The Nitty-Gritty, Not So Pretty Reality of Obamacare

President Obama has plenty of spin doctors in his corner.  But who needs them when he has himself!  For years President Obama has been promising that if individuals like their health care plans, they could keep them.  Period.

Rarely did he provide a caveat to that promise.  It wouldn’t have been early as effective politically.  Even the most liberal of media have been compiling clips of Mr. Obama making a very clear, very specific promise, without any caveats and without getting into the nitty-gritty details of the law.

CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner Continues Obama’s Misinformation Campaign

It seems Marilyn Tavenner takes after President Obama.

During her testimony Tuesday before the  before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, Tavenner, said that the Obamacare website is secure, even though that has already been proven false.

When consumers fill out the online application, they can trust that the information they provided is protected by stringent security standards, and that the technology underlying the application process has been tested and is secure. 


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