Your Choice Congress: Protect Obamacare or Protect America From Obamacare

The fight between those in Washington who wish to protect Obamacare and those who wish to protect the American people from Obamacare wages on.

The latest attempt by the House of Representatives to move forward was to propose a six-week debt limit increase, rather than a clean, year-long debt ceiling increase.  This gives House leadership the time they need to refocus the debate on the most pressing issue, Obamacare.

National Review’s Jonathon Strong explains that currently the ball is in conservatives’ court, and he lays out the conservative game plan.

The short-term debt limit extension does in fact give Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) more leverage to fight on Obamacare.  He quotes Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) 91% who said, “I wanted to make sure that we separated the [the continuing resolution and the debt ceiling] so we could continue to fight on Obamacare on the CR and continue to fight on entitlement reform on the debt ceiling.”

Strong adds:

Seen that way, the decision is not about giving ground but simply delaying one fight to dig in on the other.

In response to these developments, Heritage Action chief executive officer Michael A. Needham stated:

Ten days into their government shutdown, President Obama and Harry Reid refuse to acknowledge Obamacare is already wreaking havoc on hard-working Americans. Heritage Action remains committed to fighting this unworkable, unaffordable and unfair law.  We do not support clean debt ceiling increases, but because Heritage Action is committed to giving House Leadership the flexibility they need to refocus the debate on Obamacare we will not key vote against the reported proposal.

House Republicans have the leverage to fight on Obamacare and stop it; the polls have consistently demonstrated that is what most Americans want.

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