The Affordable Care Act Just Isn’t Affordable for These People

Earlier this month, we asked you to share how Obamacare has affected you.  Please keep your stories coming; we want to hear them so that Washington hears them. So far 446 individuals have responded.

Here are just a few of the stories we received.  We found that an overarching concern is increased premiums and healthcare costs as well as uncertainty about job security and costs in the future.

Tom Balek of North Carolina said:

My premiums have more than doubled, and no subsidy. Also no interest on my savings thanks to the Fed!

Ronald Nordberg of Wyoming said:

Currently, our health coverage is place and has not changed. We continue to pray that that stays the case and the threat of Obamacare is removed. My company has made other layoffs. I was informed on my review date that I should not expect a pay increase, and the uncertainty of Obamacare and continued taxes are the reason. Mean while, my cost of living continues to increase.

New York resident Charlene Nagowski’s premiums have increased $1,300.  She said:

We have full coverage until December 31, will cancel as of that date. Prior to October 1, when we called to get new insurance they told my husband and myself, that it would be $2000. a month to keep the same coverage we have, which we pay $700. a month .

Have not been able to contact to get new coverage since the first of October. They tell us to try at a later date……Thanks Obama…..

Not sure how we are gonna be able to afford to pay more than we do now..Husband has diabetes and a stent. Premiums will be high and he’s only 51. Scared we may have to lose our home or vehicles, which we work very hard for…Scared for our future..

Shellie Watkins of North Carolina is self employed, and she said Obamacare has affected her costs:

BCBS $5000 deductible plan before Obamacare cost me $221, BCBS $5500 Bronze deductible plan after Obamacare cost me $454. Everyone who didn’t have their plan in place before the signing of Obamacare March 10, 2010 loses their existing plans like I did and had to be assigned a new one. I refuse to get a subsidy or assistance so I will pay it. I don’t plan to use it, I have cash doctor and dentist. I don’t want IRS to know my medical future.

One anonymous responder told us why Obamacare isn’t working for her:

My husband and I have separate policies… Have had them for almost ten years with BCNSNC. We will now be paying almost $500 more a month. Our deductibles have more than doubled. Our HSA policy is no longer available. The justification given is that we will be receiving additional benefits with our new policies, specifically maternity and new born coverage. I am 50 and my husband, the sole owner of his policy, is not planning on having a child anytime soon. Nor am I. But we are covered just in case.

Another anonymous federal government employee told us her premiums increased, and she fears she is in danger of losing access to her doctor.  She explained:

My premiums for our family increased $2400 in 2013. the notification came in Dec. 2012 that due to the impending ACA our family had increased premiums.

Also, the medical insurance company is denying many of the medications and the procedures that we normally had provided without issue in the prior 5 years. Access to care had decreased while premiums increased.

Catherine Heath of North Carolina responded saying:

I received my letter from Blue Cross/Blue Sheild yesterday. In order to continue carrying an insurance policy with them, that ‘most closely matches’ the insurance I have been paying $202 per mo. for, I will have to pay $599 per mo. starting Jan 1.  I was happy with the insurance I had, I can’t pay the increased premium, so effectively, I’ve lost my private insurance coverage.  [My] insurance rates went up in Jan 2013 in anticipation of the Gov Healthcare kicking in in October. It was also more difficult to find a good policy. 

I am a widow on limited income.  My hours were reduced.  I work a seasonal job, and have to find employment for the winter. I’m afraid this is going to make that job hunt more difficult.  

How many more people like Catherine and Tom and Shellie and so many other Americans does Obamacare have to hurt before Washington stops this failed law?

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