Protecting Obamacare, Not You: Obama Ignores Intelligence Advisor’s Advice

An exchange between Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) 67% and the Honorable James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, demonstrates just how obstinate and reckless President Obama has become as he desperately attempts to protect his failed health care law.

The House of Representatives has made many attempts to fund the government but give Americans the same break from Obamacare that President Obama has given to his cronies.  The House’s latest efforts are comprised of attempting to fund certain aspects of the government that are critical and are currently being undermined by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13%’s shutdown. 

Here is part of the dialogue (view it here starting at 1:58:00) between Flake and Clapper on the furloughs, the shutdown, and the potentially negative impact it’s having on the intelligence service:

FLAKE:  As you’re aware, two days ago, we passed through legislation quickly – very quickly, unanimously – to protect the military from this shutdown.  Have you recommended to the President that he recommend to the Congress that we do something similar for the intelligence services?  If this is, as you put it a dreamland for our enemy here, wouldn’t that be appropriate?

CLAPPER:  I certainly think it would be.

FLAKE: I would hope that if the situation is as dire, and only you would know – we don’t have access day to day to the intelligence here – if it is as dire as you say, and I believe it probably is, that I would believe it would warrant the president saying ‘okay, whatever you do, however long this is going to last, we’ve got to make sure we’re collecting the necessary intelligence.’  I can guarantee you both the House and Senate would move expeditiously to do this.  So, if it really is a problem, and I believe it is, I would trust you will make that recommendation to the President.

CLAPPER: Yes sir, I will.

President Obama, Sen. Reid, and their ilk are being reckless and senseless just to protect a law that, as a recent poll indicates, has less than 40 percent support from the American people.

They refuse to acknowledge that America doesn’t want Obamacare; they continue to force a government shutdown by shooting down all the legislation to fund the government passed by the House; and they are willing to put the nation at risk to advance their radically liberal political agenda and a government takeover of some of the most personal decisions we’ll make in our lives.

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