#Obamacare Testimonies from Americans Just Like You

We’ve heard from individuals being impacted by Obamacare across the country.  The picture they’ve painted for us is grim, which motivates us all the more to continue to fight Obamacare for as long as needed – until it is stopped entirely.

One anonymous female custodian is employed by a contractor.  Her hours were reduced from 40 hours per week to 29, and the reason given was because of the Affordable Care Act.  She went on the exchange to sign up for insurance, and she was floored to find out she would have to pay $800 per month.  At $12 per hour pay, her insurance would consume 57% of her gross pay.

She may not be able to afford healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act.  At the very least, Obamacare is making affordable health care more difficult to access.

Baron Legault of Pennsylvania shared this testimony and concerns with us:

My premiums at work increased by 40%.  Now I must say that it sounds high but in real dollars is more reasonable.  The real problem is the change in benefits.  We moved from having a fairly traditional health plan with co-pays to one that is basically catastrophic insurance.  One that basically has the first $3,000 of costs coming out of pocket before the insurance kicks in, then the co-pays are still higher than what we had before. I do not blame my employer, this is simply reaction to changes in legislation.  At least I have insurance, I feel truly bad for those that have lost work hours and have lost their coverage.

Another Pennsylvania resident, Gary Olsen, is concerned about continual increases in his insurance premiums and about how much worse the situation might get:

One year ago, it was $241. Four months ago, $341.  Last month $361. Next month they’ll probably only add a zero! That’s a 50% increase in one year! 

Obamacare means for higher costs for equal or lower quality coverage.  Folks don’t want to get on the exchanges because they fear the quality of their coverage will look a lot like Medicaid, and sadly, many of them are correct.  Heritage’s Chris Jacobs notes:

[P]eople in the exchanges may not have a large choice of plans, and the available plans may end up closely resembling Medicaid coverage.

The Affordable Care Act could not have a less fitting name – it’s anything but affordable for far too many Americans.  The data on just how much premiums are rising has yet to be fully analyzed, but the anecdotal evidence isn’t pretty.

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