Obamacare: It’s the Fight We’re In

For years, folks have talked about the hypothetical impact of Obamacare.  Unfortunately, we no longer have to guess at how this unworkable law will impact Americans.  Remember when President Obama declared “for those who have insurance now, nothing will change”?  For far too many Americans, it is painfully clear the law has changed everything. While these Americans are clamoring for a way out of Obamacare, many politicians in Washington are desperately searching for a way out of President Obama’s government shutdown.

Heritage Action’s Michael A. Needham explained that absent action in Congress, the American people do not have a way out of this Obamacare quagmire:

“Heritage Action remains fully committed to fighting Obamacare because not fighting isn’t an option for those being harmed by this unworkable, unaffordable law.  A deal that fails to address the law’s fundamental flaws may be an acceptable political solution, but it isn’t a solution for those who are seeing premiums increase, hours reduced and jobs vanish.  Over the past several months, it has become increasingly clear that President Obama and his political allies care only about protecting a failed law that is hurting the country, not about protecting the people they’re supposed to represent.” 

To be clear, the reason the government remains shut down is because the President and his allies in Congress refuse to acknowledge their law is hurting the American people.

Baron Legault of Pennsylvania shared this testimony and concerns with us:

My premiums at work increased by 40%.  Now I must say that it sounds high but in real dollars is more reasonable.  The real problem is the change in benefits.  We moved from having a fairly traditional health plan with co-pays to one that is basically catastrophic insurance.  One that basically has the first $3,000 of costs coming out of pocket before the insurance kicks in, then the co-pays are still higher than what we had before. I do not blame my employer, this is simply reaction to changes in legislation.  At least I have insurance, I feel truly bad for those that have lost work hours and have lost their coverage.

An Alabama family saw their premiums increase by 300%.  After a 62% hike, another woman explained “We’re just going to have to drop insurance.”  Some North Carolinians are seeing 400% increases. A Pennsylvania mother is now forced to choose between food and health care.  A Missouri grocery store cut hours and dropped their 401k plan.  An Obamacare supporter who “didn’t realize” she would “pay for it personally” “will pay $1,800 more a year for an individual policy.” The stories go on and on, and each one is heartbreaking.  Yet, these are the stories that Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius dismisses as “anecdotal.”

So when President Obama asked House Republicans yesterday, “what’s it going to take” to end the shutdown?  The answer should have been clear: stop Obamacare from hurting the American people.

Unfortunately, over the past week, Washington has been moving away from dealing with Obamacare.  Americans do not have the luxury of moving on from Obamacare, and neither should their elected leaders.  It is time for House and Senate conservatives to regain the initiative and re-focus the debate on Obamacare and how it’s hurting the country and driving up premiums. Obamacare is not a partisan issue. Resurgent Republic explains:

“Since winning a second term, President Obama has done little to uproot the deeply grounded opposition and surrounding confusion over his health care law, not to mention the train wreck of policy and implementation glitches. Per the most recent Fox News poll, Independents join Republicans in supporting efforts to repeal all or part of the law by 60 to 32 percent and 79 to 17 percent among Republicans.  Democrats are isolated in their support, choosing to keep the law intact or expand it by 69 to 28 percent.”

Bottom line: the President’s law is hurting the American people, and its implementation should not be funded. Conservatives need to stand strong and hold the line.

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