Morning Action: White House Thinks They Are “Winning,” So America Can Suffer With Obamacare

SHUTDOWN.  A very telling quote senior White House administration official indicates how lackadaisical the White House is about the government shutdown and how desperately they want to preserve Obamacare:

Although the government shutdown continues, it appears President Barack Obama and the White House are not getting any closer to negotiating with Republicans. A quotation from an unnamed senior administration official in today’s Wall Street Journal explains why.

Said a senior administration official: “We are winning…It doesn’t really matter to us” how long the shutdown lasts “because what matters is the end result.”

With this view, it explains why President Obama won’t agree to any piecemeal legislation that would keep Veterans Affairs and NIH open during the shutdown. And it explains why President Obama would rather cancel his Asia trip than negotiate with Republicans. 

It’s because the White House (or, at least this unnamed official) believe it is “winning” by shutting down the government and blaming Republicans. And when one’s winning, he’s not likely to change course.

UNAFFORDABLE.  The fine imposed by Obamacare on those who cannot afford to purchase insurance but who do not qualify for the subsidy is going to increase in future years, harming middle class Americans:

Under the Affordable Care Act if you don’t have health insurance in 2014 you’ll have to pay 1 percent of your income or $95 per adult, whichever is more. By 2016, that number increases to 2.5 percent or nearly $700 per adult. After that the increases will be based on cost of living.

The ACA does provide for exemptions from the fine, but not for those caught in between.

OBAMA.  One political writer opines that President Obama has been unable to produce unity in Washington, and that he has failed in terms of relationship building.  Moreover, he is taking an increasing amount of blame for what is wrong with Washington:

A recent Bloomberg survey found that 40 percent blame the GOP for what’s wrong in Washington, while 38 percent blame the president and congressional Democrats. Back in February, Obama had a nine-point edge over Republicans and independents were evenly divided over who was responsible. Now, 42 percent of independents fault with Obama and his allies in Congress, while 34 percent blame Republicans on Capitol Hill.

The latest CNN poll found a similar trend, with the percentage who blame congressional Republicans for a government shutdown down five points and the percent who blame Obama up three points.

Perhaps Obama’s biggest failing has been his inability to build relationships and make deals on Capitol Hill–a shortcoming in sharp relief during the ongoing debate over a health care law that didn’t win a single Republican vote. Even Democratic members complain they get short shrift from a detached White House and that Obama’s crusade for the controversial health care law laid the groundwork for the rise of an intransigent tea party.

Obama’s tendency to impugn Republican motives–instead of attributing conflict to a different view of the federal government’s role or contrasting economic philosophy–has helped erode what little good will was left between the two parties when he took office.

PROTECT AMERICA.  The Heritage Foundation has a five point plan to end the government shutdown, if only President Obama will act on it.  The bottom line is that Mr. Obama needs to let go of his mission to save his failed health care law:

The House of Representatives has passed a number of bills that would fully fund the government or specific functions of government, including a couple that would have defunded or delayed Obamacare. Yet President Obama has threatened vetoes, and his allies in the Senate are refusing to consider the House bills altogether.

Despite the news media’s tainted portrayal, the President seems intent on continuing his reckless and irresponsible position on the government shutdown, much like his position on barricading and blocking access for veterans to the World War II Memorial in Washington.

For President Obama and his political allies, protecting a failed law that is hurting the country seems to be their top priority.





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