Morning Action: President Obama Wants the #Shutdown to Hurt

SHUTDOWN PAIN.  Jonah Goldberg explains in National Review that President Obama has worked hard to make the shutdown as painful as possible simply to score political points.  This claim is substantiated both by a quote from a park ranger who told the Washington Times, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can,” and by analyzing recent remarks by the President himself:

Obama delivered. On October 8, Obama was asked by Mark Knoller of CBS if he was “tempted” to sign the numerous funding bills passed by the GOP-controlled House that would greatly alleviate the pain of the shutdown. Republicans have voted to reopen parks, fund cancer trials for children at the NIH, and to keep FEMA and the FDA going through this partial shutdown. But Obama has threatened to veto any such efforts, effectively keeping the Senate from considering the legislation.

“Of course I’m tempted” to sign those bills, Obama explained. “But here’s the problem. What you’ve seen are bills that come up wherever Republicans are feeling political pressure, they put a bill forward. And if there’s no political heat, if there’s no television story on it, then nothing happens.”

Obama’s answer dragged on, as all of Obama’s answers do. But the point was made. For the first time in American history, a president confessed to deliberately hurting his country to score points against his enemies.

OBAMACARE INFLICTED PAIN.  One Pennsylvania mother is being forced to choose between picking a health care plan and putting food on the table because of Obamacare:

“One mother tells us the choice for her has come down to selecting a new health plan or putting food on the table,” reporter Will Lewis says.

“A small group of people bound together by the need for health insurance, all say they are the people that the Affordable Care Act is not helping.”  

“I feel it’s important for people to understand that the premiums aren’t affordable,” says Jennifer Most, a mother, who “told the crowd she went to the government website with all intentions of signing up … Jennifer and her husband are disabled, on a fixed income, and their five year old has a few medical problems as well,” the reporter explains.

The woman says, “My premium for health insurance was $947.63.”

OBAMACARE.  Washington Free Beacon reports a Missouri grocery store will cut workers’ hours and may have to eliminate their 401k plan thanks to Obamacare:

The detrimental effects of Obamacare continue to increase. Mr. Herman, operator of Paul’ Supermarkets, appeared on behalf of the National Grocers Association before Congress to testify about the damages Obamacare will incur on his business.

Mr. Herman says that the Obamacare stipulation that employees working 30 or more hours (considered full time workers under Obamacare) is forcing his company to adjust their hiring habits.

His business will not be able to hire employees that could provide them with full time working hours and might have to eliminate their “great” 401k plan, put in place by his father in the 1990s.

NO DEAL.  President Obama and House Republicans met last night in a supposed effort to hash out a deal on government funding and the debt limit:

A lengthy meeting between top House Republicans and President Barack Obama failed to reach a deal, but staff on both sides will continue to talk this evening in an effort to agree on a plan to reopen the government and extend the debt limit.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said the afternoon meeting between President Barack Obama and GOP lawmakers was “constructive” and “clarifying.”

“We had a constructive conversation. Agreed to continue discussions. Talks will continue tonight. And hopefully we’ll have a clearer way, path forward,” he said.

Republicans should not shirk their responsibility to protect the American people from the harmful effects of Obamacare.  Folding during supposed negotiations with an extremely liberal president will do nothing to help the American people.

DOCTORS.  The Heritage Foundation explains why doctors may not participate in Obamacare exchange plans:

  • A majority (55.5 percent) of practices believe the exchanges will have an unfavorable, or very unfavorable, impact on their practice.
  • Fewer than three in 10 practices (29.2 percent) definitely plan to “participate with any new health insurance product(s) sold” on an exchange, with a majority (56.4 percent) still uncertain.
  • Of those not participating in the exchanges, the top concern, listed by 64 percent of practices, was “concerns about the administrative and regulatory burdens related to these products.”
  • More than two in three practices said that reimbursement rates for exchange plans are somewhat lower (36.2 percent) or much lower (33.2 percent) than “average payment rates from all commercial payers in your area”—and these lower reimbursement rates likely explain the lack of robust commitment by physician practices in participating in exchange plans.
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