From Obamacare to Amnesty, Obama’s Goals Threaten U.S. Economy

Congress just completed the first phase of a difficult but crucial battle against Obamacare.  This struggle is yet unfinished, but conservatives will continue to fight against Obamacare because it will harm America as long as it remains law.  Obamacare is a fiscal nightmare for our country, which is already saddled with $17 trillion of debt.  But leftist policy ideas that threaten the economy don’t stop there.  The next big battle will be to prevent amnesty, the vehicle for which may be the Senate’s Gang of 8 bill.

Under the Affordable Care Act, entitlement spending will increase massively, growing our nation’s debt; entitlement spending is already a massive source of our debt in America which will only be exacerbated by the Affordable Care Act.  And if the nearly 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States are granted amnesty, they will become eligible for entitlements as well.  This cost will be a massive burden to the U.S. economy and the American taxpayers.  The Heritage Foundation explains:

The Senate-passed bill anticipates granting amnesty to some 11 million people who are living in America illegally. Although proponents of this so-called path to citizenship blithely assure us that it won’t cost the taxpayer a dime, rigorous analysis by The Heritage Foundation reveals that’s just not so.  In fact, it will cost at least several trillions.

Today, the typical illegal immigrant is 34 years old, has a 10th-grade education and lives in a household that already receives $14,387 more in government benefits than it pays in taxes. After an “interim” period of 13 years set by the Senate bill, that typical household would become eligible for the full panoply of welfare and entitlements. (emphasis added)

Clearly Obamacare threatens our economy, and amnesty would place further burdens on it that the American people cannot bear.  Heritage notes:

Policymakers must ensure that the interaction of social services and immigration policy does not expand the welfare state and impose significant costs on American society. 

Some members of the House have called for a step by step approach to immigration reform, which would be a reasonable approach in different circumstances.

However, at this time, even a step-by-step process in the House may result in a massive and complex amnesty bill like the Gang of 8 bill, becoming law, if the House and Senate go to conference.

Last month Senator Mike Lee and Sen. Jeff Sessions articulated this concern clearly:

We are concerned, however, that the House will pass individual, incremental bills only to have them cobbled together in a backroom deal with Majority Leader Reid and the Gang of Eight. Through a series of procedural maneuvers, House leaders could agree to begin negotiations with the Senate, known as a conference, using one of these smaller, targeted bills, while the Senate could bring the Gang of Eight bill to the negotiations.

Conservatives need to sand firm in opposition to Mr. Obama’s policies, which are clearly detrimental to the economy.

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