Face It, Mary Landrieu, Obamacare Problems Are #MoreThanAGlitch

In a ten minute floor speech this month—11 days after the Obamacare website launched—Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) said some outlandish things about Obamacare, and expressed her undying support for the failed law and the President whose name the law bears.

“I Don’t Need to Read A Bill”

Contrary to popular belief and what FOX News said, people here read the bills.  For 40 years we read the bills.  But we did not have to read the bills; all we had to do was look at the faces of kids dying of cancer who had no way to get cured… I don’t need to read a bill.  I listen to my constituents.  That is what this is about.

Actually, you can’t help children in America or anyone for that matter if you pass legislation without knowing what it does, and that is especially the case for a law as complex and intrusive as Obamacare.

Furthermore, as Heritage notes, “Obamacare is laden with mandates that are driving up the cost of health insurance. And it didn’t stop with the original law. Federal bureaucrats are continuing to write more Obamacare regulations. One estimate is that these paper pushers have added 30 words of regulations for every word in the original law.”

“Not a Single-Payer System, Not the Government System”

 [The President] campaigned on providing middle-class families for the first time in America a way to purchase health insurance – not a single-payer system, not the government system—to purchase health insurance so they could not be one accident away from financial ruin.

It’s unclear why Sen. Landrieu appears so confident that Obamacare will not lead to a single payer system.  Obamacare may do just that.  As Heritage President Jim DeMint recently cautioned (sub. req’d):

There’s a reason Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently claimed that ObamaCare will lead to a single-payer health-care system: It happens to be true. Once employers drop health coverage for their low and middle-wage workers, the majority of Americans will be dumped into tightly regulated health exchanges and granted a “choice” of plans that will be more alike than different. The quality of care will suffer, access to doctors and plans you once had and liked will be reduced, and America will deteriorate into a two-tier health system—one in which the well-off can still buy quality coverage, but most Americans are consigned to poor care through the exchanges and Medicaid.

It is also disingenuous to downplay the role of the federal government in health care after Obamacare. The law is premised upon the federal government stepping in to try to fix what liberals think the free-market can’t.  It was designed to empower HHS and the IRS – through a scheme of government controls and regulations, price controls, and unelected bureaucrats – to control people’s personal health care decisions.

“I Am Standing in This Election as a Supporter of the Affordable Care Act”

After making it clear that she has deluded herself into thinking Obamacare will improve healthcare in America and that reading the text of a bill isn’t that important, she promised to stand for the failed law when she campaigns for re-election.

We did not wake up one morning and declare this the law. The people of the United States declared this through us as their Representatives. If they do not like it, they can unelect us. Believe me, they will have a great chance because I am up for reelection right now. They will be able to do that. But that is the way you do it.

I am going to run for reelection. I am standing in this election as a supporter of the Affordable Care Act–not because it is a perfect law but because it is much better for all the people I represent than what we had before–the wealthiest people, the middle-class people, and the poor people.

The evidence simply does not support her claims.  People are hurting because of Obamacare, especially in Louisiana:

A Louisiana family of four that makes more than $94,200 — too much to qualify for the wage-based subsidy — will be expected to shell out $902 per month on average for a mid-range plan. Similarly, a 27-year-old making more than $45,960 would pay an average of $249 per month for the same level plan.

Young people in Louisiana should be especially concerned.  According to Heritage research, a 27-year-old in Louisiana will see a 106.2% increase in monthly premiums.  On average, they’ll leap from $129 per month to $266 per month.

Another analysis indicates non-smoking 30-old-women will see an average $138 increase in their monthly insurance premiums in the state of Louisiana.

Will they vote to re-elect Mary Landrieu?  Will they even be able to sign up for coverage under Obamacare?  Some experts are now saying it would be better to start over on the HealthCare.gov website than to try to fix the problems with the existing system.  But a new website won’t mean lower premiums for all the Americans watching their premiums skyrocket.

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