Cloakroom: October 28 – November 1


Analysis: This week the House may consider two bills that would amend Dodd-Frank, the Retail Investor Protection Act and the Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act.  On October 30, conferees from the House and Senate will meet to begin conferencing the House and Senate farm bills.

Major Floor Action:

  • H.R. 2374 – Retail Investor Protection Act
  • H.R. 992 – Swaps Regulatory Improvement Act

Major Committee Action:


Analysis: This week the Senate will consider the nomination of Richard F. Griffin, Jr., of the District of Columbia, to be General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board for a term of four years.  On October 30, conferees from the House and Senate will meet to begin conferencing the House and Senate farm bills.  The Senate may consider the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  They may also consider the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act.

Major Floor Action

  • S. 761 – Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2013
  • S. 815 – Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Major Committee Action

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