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Yesterday, President Obama officially tried to pivot away (again) from the failings of his signature legislative achievement – Obamacare.  This time, he attempted to score a few political points by renewing his push for immigration reform.  Of course, this is the same promise he’s made since 2009 and follows the same comprehensive approach he and his congressional allies took with Obamacare.

In the midst of soaring rhetoric, the obvious pitfalls are lost on the President.

Everybody knows that our current immigration system is broken.  Across the political spectrum, people understand that.  We’ve known it for years.

Face It, Mary Landrieu, Obamacare Problems Are #MoreThanAGLitch

In a ten minute floor speech this month—11 days after the Obamacare website launched—Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) said some outlandish things about Obamacare, and expressed her undying support for the failed law and the President whose name the law bears.

“I Don’t Need to Read A Bill”

Contrary to popular belief and what FOX News said, people here read the bills.  For 40 years we read the bills.  But we did not have to read the bills; all we had to do was look at the faces of kids dying of cancer who had no way to get cured… I don’t need to read a bill.  I listen to my constituents.  That is what this is about.

Actually, you can’t help children in America or anyone for that matter if you pass legislation without knowing what it does, and that is especially the case for a law as complex and intrusive as Obamacare.

Who Is George Soros, the Liberal Billionaire Funding the “Conservative” Push for #Amnesty?

What if I told you a liberal philanthropist investor worth $20 billion wanted to do something to help conservatives after a lifetime of donating millions upon millions to progressive causes?  You would probably question his motives, or perhaps you would question just how conservative these alleged conservatives truly are.

The staunchly liberal billionaire to whom I am referring is George Soros, and according to reports, the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum (NIF) is planning a “fly-in” of so-calledconservatives from across the country to pressure Republicans to pass an amnesty bill.  President Obama – strongly supported by George Soros when he was candidate Obama – recently asserted that he will push Congress to pass an amnesty bill before the year is out, so it’s not too surprising Soros’s money would be funneled toward this effort.

Irresponsible: A Liberal Pot Calls Conservative Kettle Black

Rep. Michael Honda (D-CA) 14% opines that “our debt is on an unsustainable path.”  Weagree! $17,000,000,000,000 is a number incomprehensible to the human mind.  But the 12 zeros should tell us something.  Ironically, Rep. Honda has, by his voting record and actions in Congress, proven himself a fiscal liability to our nation, contributing generously to our national debt.  We’re keeping count; he is a 5 percent on our scorecard, well below the abysmal Democrat average of 16 percent.  Yet, somehow, he finds himself in a position to lecture conservatives about responsibility, and fiscal responsibility at that.

Rep. Honda calls the events leading up to the government shutdown a “dysfunctional, irresponsible game of brinkmanship” and is apparently relieved that “cooler heads ultimately prevailed.”  Those “cooler heads” did indeed procure an 11th-hour deal which saved face politically.  But Congress accomplished nothing legislatively that would protect Americans from the ravages of Obamacare, and the hefty debt that will result from it in the coming years.  Recall, by 2013, just a decade from now, the U.S. will sink $250 billion into Obamacare annually, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.  Fiscally responsible?  Not at all.  But I digress.

WRDA: What Does $8.2 Billion Buy?

This evening, the House is expected to vote on the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2013 (H.R.3080), which authorizes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) to construct various projects around the country and assist with a variety of local projects.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the bill would cost $8.2 billion over the next decade.  While better than similar legislation passed by the Senate in May, the bill contains “glaring shortcomings” that make it unworthy of conservative support.

The Heritage Foundation’s Emily Goff writes the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee “decision to include reform provisions is a refreshing change of course.”  There is a concern, however, that “some of the reforms could either fail to deliver on their promises or introduce new complications.”

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